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Order of Probabilities

The Beginning, The End and

The Order

Which Makes Everything & Every Path

That Comes In-Between


By: Wael Nawara

In the Beginning came, as they tell us, the Word.

What was the word?

Was it God? Was it Light? Love? Order?

What was the "Order"?

Was it "Be"? or "Let" there Be?

For these are two different things. "Be" would imply that before the "Word" there was absolute nothingness. No matter. No energy. Not even Dark Matter. But if the "Word" was "Let there Be", then, perhaps there had been "something", just waiting for the right circumstances to happen. An egg, waiting to receive "excitation" when the probabilities will allow it.

What was the very first thing uttered in this universe? Was it actually a word? or a Bang? a Big, gigantic Bang, which we can hear until this very day, some 13.7 Billion Years after.

Or was the "Order", a path, or a number of possible paths, shapes, natures, attitudes and behaviors of the things to come?

Is there such an "Order", as opposed to "Chaos" and "Randomness" ? Or is this "Randomness", and the tendency for this Randomness to increase, "Entropy", a part of that "Order"?

Are there pre-defined "paths" for everything to happen? Where would "our choice" fit into this? Or did such "Order" lay out zillions of "potential" paths, each presenting "opportunity to happen", "probability to occur"?

Can one "improve such probabilities"? Is that it? Is this what it is all about? That we just have pre-defined paths, and all we can do is to work really hard to make our "chosen path" more probable than others?

Can we absolve ourselves of "responsibility" then, since the limit of our responsibility is to make desired "outcomes" more probable, not more probable than "undesired" results, but as more probable as compared to their original chance, if we were not there to influence such chance?

If we can accept, that the limit of our abilities, is to merely improve the probabilities, can we live and function as happier human beings, more in harmony with ourselves, with others, and with the universe which surrounds us, the universe which we can not change or alter in any significant way.
Is this something we can


Jason Corneveaux
Arizona State University

Recently, NASA astronomers announced new evidence supporting the Big Bang theory, which states that the universe was once subatomic in size and, in only one trillionth of a second, expanded to astronomical proportions.

The findings are based on data collected by NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) satellite. The satellite, which was launched in 2001, measures the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), or, more simply, the radiant heat left behind from the Big Bang.

Continue Reading this: http://www.thetriplehelix.org/news/446

If this is what is. Then by all means:

Blessed be the Order, which gives existence, life, meaning and Good Probabilities.


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