الاثنين، يناير 17، 2011

It is not that upsetting when you live in the slums

Something evil happens in the slums.

It is not just about poverty. It is not what the scarcity does to you either. It is the permanent loss of personal space. Even of the hope of personal space. In fact, there is nothing personal about the slums. Because you do not quite feel like a separate being or a distinctive individual. An extension of the next guy or girl sleeping next to you in opposite alignment. You are ... if you are ... if you exist, you are reduced to basic survival, if that.

It is the permanent mixed smell. And the realization that it will always be there. The permanent ugliness and the depressing certainty that it will greet you when you come back. It is the hopeless cage in which you wonder how you got trapped. After a while you stop to smell. You seize to see. You gradually lose your auxiliary senses. You do not want to think either. Because nothing pleasant can come out of thinking when you're in the slums.

There is nothing virtuous or noble about living in the slums. So, when I one day say or do something that may upset you, please forgive me and don't forget that it is not that upsetting when you live in the slums.

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