الثلاثاء، أكتوبر 11، 2011

The Essence of Evil

When we start to really like our own words and read them over and over again. We search for that "Like" button but before we hit it, we realize that appearing "modest and humble" adds to our "image".

When we start to tailor our words as to meet approval of strangers we do not even know. We become hung on attracting followers whom we do not care about. Without perhaps gauging our words against our own moral compass.

When we think that it is alright for us to hurt others for the "greater good". That, usually being our own glory and self-interests.

That leads to self-righteousness. Self-justification. Which can justify the worst of murders, for some alleged "Greater Good".

Evil lies in our ability to deceive ourselves before even deceiving others.

Evil lies in the hearts of those who end up worshiping their own image on TV screens. Uttering words of great significance. Without being true to themselves.

For the first time you may realize that speeches of great ideals can skillfully carry the seeds of poison.

Evil does not come ugly or in repulsive attire. 

It is usually nicely wrapped in sexy fashionable ideals of equity and justice.

But for "justice" to be served, for "true equality" to be realized, sacrifices must be made. Self-justification. Self-righteousness.

"Martyrs" must be "sadly" lost. We will shed so many tears over their dead corpses.

And we may look really sad.

But the fight must go on. We have a war to be won. Victory is in sight.

They sound sad. They may even look as if that dead young boy or girl were a true brother or a sister of theirs.

But the "martyr's" mother will soon go home alone. Home to a house full of lively memories, where you can almost hear laughter and happy stories. Even silly anecdotes and not-so-funny jokes. But all of those echoes will shortly start to fade away. Developing into a black hole of absolute emptiness. Void which expands until it swallows those who are left behind, barely alive.

Soldiers of the holy war. They look sad in the Martyr's funeral. Sure.

When in fact some smile to themselves and think: "We have now caught our "enemies" red-handed." Forgetting that the price of acquiring that brilliant color was rivers of blood of their own comrades. They smile because they believe that they are closing in. They can almost sense the smell of winning that "game".

Only with a few more sacrifices, of course. It is only natural. That victory should come with great blood expense.


When we are tempted to admire our screen images.

The Essence of Evil is self-worship.

It is precisely located in the center of everyone's own "Ego".

When we become willing to sacrifice others, or even ourselves, for some "noble" cause. While in fact we slaughter them or ourselves at the feet of our own Egos, on the altar of our own fame, vanity and glory.


Know this. 

In the heart of hatred there lies an evil that self-perpetuates. It cannot be stopped. Except by LOVE.

In the land where envy, hatred and violence cultivate, no tree can bear the fruits of peace, goodness, justice or happiness.

Only with tolerance, even compassion, mercy and love, can those fruits be watered and nurtured.

Believe not those who say they march for the salvation of the masses.

For they only intend to enslave those masses ... not before too long.


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