السبت، ديسمبر 08، 2012

Collective Mind is the True Leader of this Revolution

These are not organized protests ordered by any opposition leader. This is a Revolution which the opposition is siding with. 

If El Baradei or Sabahy asked the protesters to go home, no one will listen. In fact, they my lose their credibility and influence, at least partly. Revolution has a mind of its own. You can only attempt to read it.

From day one, or actually from day (0-11), in this Revolution, you could only attempt to read the Collective Mind & describe what you read at your own risk.

Those who went to negotiate with Omar Suliman or Husam Badrawy or Shafik, they came back to the people and asked people to go home or do this or that, but then they discovered this simple fact. No one is leading this revolution or can speak on its behalf.

Today ...

Violent Clashes take place as we speak - and are expected to continue while the ONLY one person who may stop them does not seem to be in full control of his own decisions 

Morsi can end it with one sentence. I withdraw the Decrees and let us draft the constitution together!

How difficult is this?


I keep hearing American officials asking political leaders to call upon their supporters to do this or refrain from doing that ...

They do not get it.

Guys. I am disappointed. I thought Creative Chaos was your thing ;) -


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