الجمعة، مايو 08، 2009

My Right to Write

One Day

You Shall NOT Like What I Write

Depending on what you day you meet me, you will either love me or hate me. If you met me on the day when I wrote about religious bullying of little Christian school children in Egyptian schools by none less than their own country’s ministry of education which forces them to study Quran, the Muslim’s holy Book with their Arabic language curriculum, then you will think that I must be Christian or lobbying on behalf of Christians. If you met me the day I wrote about American soldiers in Afghanistan abusing the rules of engagement and proselytizing the Christian faith, then you will think that I am defender of the Islamic faith. If you met me on the day when I coined the idea of Post-Realism and how Israel is pushing the world towards chaotic global confrontation by stalling peace negotiations and trying to bully the Palestinians to accept less and less while Israel delivers nothing and continues to build settlements and confiscate land, then you would think I am totally siding with Palestinians.

Many people meet me and warm up to me thinking that I am really on their side. They befriend me and praise my writings and then a few days later, when I happen to talk about something they do not like, a fall out occurs. I had to put it in my Facebook status: “I promise you that one day you will not like what I write. But I will always say what I think to be right.” It does not mean that I believe that I am always right. I make errors in judgment just like the next guy. But I really try to be objective and that does not seem to suit the general public. Someone gave me a valuable piece of advice. Look at your audience and decide which segment you will suck up to. It is possible in politics to choose your segment and design policies which will maximize your appeal amongst your voters. But when I write, I am not looking for popularity or any one’s approval. I just write what I believe to be right. It is not necessarily your cup of tea, but yet again, you do not have to read what I write.

So, I tell you this in advance to spare you the disappointment. You are most certainly going to dislike what I write one day. But it is OK. We do not always have to agree. We can still be friends while you absolutely hate what I write!

I write, I write and write.

It does not mean that you are wrong or that I am right.

I just write, write and write.

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